And so it begins…

So I’ve been telling myself all year that I need to start blogging. But what would I blog about? What could I possibly have to share with those who would stop by and read my posts, that could be of any importance or relevance to their personal or professional lives? I’ve been a middle level educator for 26 years. It’s all I know. In all of these years, what pray tell could I have to offer? Hmmmm. Answer? Not a dad-gum thing that you wouldn’t already know.

However! Maybe my spin on a given topic might encourage you to think differently about something you’re wrestling with in your school? Maybe by sharing my mistakes over the years, someone new to the profession might avoid the grief I put myself through from time to time. Maybe sharing what I call our “Next right answers” might encourage you to persevere through the tough times when managing change in your school? Perhaps, and this is a Gumby-sized stretch, somewhere between laughing your keester off and reflecting on something I posted, you will find what you’re looking for in my blog.

So for what it’s worth. Here’s what to expect from me.

I have limited grammar and punctuation skills. Actually I have a limited desire to worry too much about such matters. Get it on paper and get it out there I say!

I write like I speak.

I have limited time to research and provide supporting documentation for things I blog about. I’ll occasionally quote something I’ve read and I’ll TRY to give you the resource but hey, I’m a man and the best any man can do is try right?

I speak first and think later. (This is only on the job. At home…my wife has taught me just the opposite.)

I’m addicted to my whiteboard in my conference room and color-code everything I brainstorm. (My teachers cringe when they see me standing at this board by the way.)

I’m addicted to scheduling. (My teachers have threatened to take away my whiteboard and Dry Erase markers!)

I love asking the question, “What if?”

And finally…I can be a little…well you’ll just have to follow my blog to find out.

So kids, that’s about it for now. Got a little refining to do here and there but I’m looking forward to this journey.

It’s better in the Middle!


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